Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Emmedid turn THREE months.

Miss Emme Kate, 
I love the newborn you were and the full of personality baby you are becoming!

12 week photo shoot. 
See the personality I mentioned above?
Three month photo shoot. 
 Enough with the pictures, Mom!
 Emmedid grow.
-I promise you change every single day. I have heard parents say this before and I always just smiled in disbelief. But really, you do something new and different every single day! I love watching you learn new things and have even caught a few "firsts" on video. A Momma that is obsessed with her baby plus a camera is a dangerous thing! 
-You finally started hitting all the little hanging toys on your play mat. I watched you stare at them for weeks! 
{Sorry about the gooberish Mommy commentary again. My voice sounds so weird on video! Ugh.}
-You also started grabbing at the hanging toys on your carrier. They now entertain you while we jog everyday. 
-You can easily roll from your back to your side. You have also rolled from your tummy to your back a few times, but again it was when you were kinda fussy during tummy time so I still consider it unintentional. 
-I finally broke down and bought you a tacky bright and fun mobile to go on your crib. Glamma convinced me the designer one was not stimulating enough... To say you love it is an understatement. 
-Last week we put you in your walker for the first time. Just to test it out really... On day one you were not all that interested but watched your Daddy teach you how to push the buttons. 
On day two you were ALL over the buttons. And by yourself! We of course think you are a genius and totally advanced for your age. 
-I worked a few days during the past two weeks. Glamma watched you during the week and Daddy had you all to himself on the weekend. He put you to work too!

The first day back was tough and full of tears. But, we got through it. And I think a little alone time with Glamma and Daddy here and there is good for us both. 
-You have taken a few short naps in your crib. Could be less, right? At least we are trying it out. 
-You are getting to be quite the little fishy. 
-We went to our first wedding as a family. You were a little fussy and just not your typical easy self. But, we had fun together!
-I think you are oh so pretty in Polo. 
-You are now wearing size 2 diapers. Congrats big booty!
-We are still feeding you every 3 hours during the day. You typically wake up only 1 time each night/morning and it's usually around 5 am. I will feed you and then we fall back asleep until 9ish. You have pulled a couple all nighters, but I really don't mind getting up and feeding you. 
-You still LOVE your paci. And I think you sucking on it is just the darn cutest thing ever! We have been teaching you how to put it in your mouth. 
-I can put you to sleep in under 2 minutes. No lie! I know just how you want to be held and cuddled. And I am not telling anyone else. Ha. I am an Emme hog. So what?!
-You are still sleeping in the bassinet next to our bed. I love having you close by! I usually hear you squirming a couple of times each night and roll over and put your paci back in your mouth. You go right back to sleep. We are planning on moving you into your crib at 4 months. We will see if that works out. Clearly, I have attachment issues.
-I am still swaddling you but you wiggle your way out every night. As a result, you haven't been sleeping quite as soundly. I just placed an order for a Magic Sleepsuit and can't wait to see the "magic" happen!
-You are becoming quite the little chatterbox. I believe you have the sweetest little voice ever!
-While you look almost identical to your Daddy, I am starting to see a little Mommy resemblance. 
Happy 3 Months Emme Kate!
I thank God everyday for choosing me to be your Mommy!

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