Monday, July 30, 2012

Emmedid get baptized.

The day our little blessing from above got baptized.
We are so humbled God chose us to be Emme Kate's parents and we are honored to raise her with  strong Christian morals and values. 

The baptism. 
Prepping at the church.  
The baptism took place on a Saturday morning, so we had the church all to ourselves.
The same priest, Fr. Don, that married us made a special trip back in town to baptize our little lady. 
We are SO thankful to know such a generous man. 
Somebody got a little fussy in the middle and decided to munch on Daddy's finger. 
Parents and Godparents. 
Beautiful blue eyes. 
Happy little God family. 
Family pictures galore. 
Post-baptism brunch at Glamma and Papa's.
The three little ones. 
End of the day pool party at our house. 
And to end the day, Emme learned how to shake it.
It was such a blessed {and fun!} day.  

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Big K Fam said...

So precious! Emme is so blessed to have you as her momma!!