Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Katiedid turn twenty-seven.

That's kinda old. And creeping up pretty close to thirty!
My Mom asked me if I felt any different being twenty-seven. Really, I do feel different. 
I don't know if it was actually turning twenty-seven or the fact that I now have a daughter. Either way, the realization that I am a true "grown up" is slowly sinking in. 
No one said being a grown up means you can't have fun anymore... And my birthday proved that!

The day before my birthday I got a mani-pedi with Mommy #1 and Mommy #2. We brought our favorite adult beverages to the nail salon with us. 
See, grown up fun!
My actual birthday started off with a morning jog with my sweet little cupcake. She got me these amazing new running socks so I had to give them a test run!
We prettied up and headed out for the afternoon. 
Twenty-seven years and fifteen weeks old!
No birthday is complete without a Lopez lunch with family and friends. 
Our first trip to the new H&M and a little additional shopping followed. 
We freshened up and got ready up for dinner at Lamonte's. 
Fun birthday times on the patio. 
And a sleepy sweetheart after a long day out and about!
That weekend we left Emme with Glamma and Papa for our FIRST fun Saturday night out with my birthday twin, Amy
We had lots of grown up fun...
And still made it home by 1130. 

It's CRAZY how much my life has changed since turning twenty-six just one short year ago. 
The unexpected blessings were endless and I could have not wished for a better year!

Bring it on, twenty-seven. 
{Years twenty-one through twenty-five can be found here.}

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