Thursday, July 12, 2012

Emmedid turn FOUR months.

Happy FOUR month birthday, little Emme Kate.
Your FOUR month birthday also marked ONE year since this happened. 
So many different thoughts rushed through my head the second I saw those unexpected 2 lines. 
Today, I could not be ANY happier with the way everything has worked out absolutely perfectly. 
You are a precious angel baby sent straight to us from heaven.
We still can't believe we made such a perfect a little baby girl.  

Fifteen week photo shoot.
Sixteen week photo shoot. 
Four month photo shoot. 
Four month appointment. 
You weighed 13 lbs and 3 oz (39%) and were 24 inches (40%) long. 
 Auntie Ashley takes such good care of you!
 Love this toothless smile. 
 You were unaffected by your shots once again. Such a little trooper!
Emmedid grow. 
-You are still wearing size 2 diapers. I have started putting you in size 3 ones at night for an added bit of absorbency. 
-You are sleeping a full 8ish hours each night in the truly Magic Sleepsuit. I kid you not, it is MAGIC. Ever since the day it was delivered you have not woken up before 630 am. Almost instantly after I zip you up in it you relax, and within 10 minutes you are OUT. We are amazed. 
-You are still sleeping in the bassinet by our bed. I know you could sleep in the big girl crib just fine... It's me that has the issues. I like having you within an arms reach. I gave myself a 4 month time limit but I keep telling everyone "it's a big bassinet and you still fit perfectly in it" so you can stay there longer! I still do roll over a few times during the night and put your paci back in your mouth when I hear your squirm... So, having you in another room would mean I would have to get up and walk to do that. No thanks! Dr. Spinner said you can stay in the bassinet as long as it "works for us." Hooray!
-You are still loving bath time. We typically give you a bath every other night to avoid dry skin and because you don't do anything to get "dirty."
-You started holding your own bottle. Seriously, you put those hands there all by yourself. Baby genius?! For sure. 
Here you are holding your bottle and watching the Bachelorette. My kinda girl!
-Everything seems to be making its way into your mouth these days. And you are a drool factory. Auntie Ashley swears tiny teeth are going to show up soon. 
-You have mastered putting your paci in your mouth. This was the first time "on command" when we where out jogging. Notice the spit-up on the Polo bubble. You spit up CONSTANTLY. 
-You are almost rolling from your back to your tummy. We practice every day. You have mastered rolling from your tummy to your back and from your back to your side. 
-You attended your first friend birthday party. 
-Speaking of parties, you love them. You are a fan of crowds and being passed around. 
-You were the prettiest ballerina baby on your first Father's Day.
-"Miss Busy" is becoming another nickname of yours. 
-You spent your first Saturday night with babysitters. 
{Aka Glamma and Papa}
-Some days are spent like this... Fussy and in our pj's all day. 
-You can go from happy to screaming for no apparent reason in no time. When you do cry Daddy's favorite line is, "Stop being such a baby!" Ha.
But, clearly we love you any way!
-Your Daddy is so silly. This is his attempt at dressing you while I was at work. The only non-pink onesie in your dresser AND baby mittens as socks. I died laughing when he sent me the picture!
-We trained for Five Miles My Way on the 4th of July for most of this month. I say we because I won't run without you!
-You have started to stick out your tongue. It's hilarious! Auntie Holly makes you do it every time we talk about a certain someone.
We even got that little tongue on video. So stinkin funny!
-You had this crazy 20 minute long scream session while Daddy was out of town one night. Glamma rushed right over and after 10+ burps and spit-ups you recovered. Scary!
-You started laughing. It's the sweetest little laugh ever! Daddy and I spend all evening trying to make you laugh now.
-You are still "goo-ing" and "coo-ing" up a storm. But, that's old news. 
-You tend to fight falling asleep. Self explanatory. 
-You have started reaching, squirming, and wiggling out of everything. I can no longer leave you unattended!
-You were baptized this month. More on that blessed day later. 
-Your Glamma thinks you are the greatest gift ever. 
-And your Papa is in awe of you. He is a man of little words but I can tell he is one of your biggest fans.
-Here are more of the millions of pictures I take of you each day. 
-I call you "nugget," "nugs," or "nuggie." I don't think I have ever mentioned that before...
This is my favorite "nuggie" face. 
And this is a face exactly like the one I make when I think about you being FOUR months old. 
Time truly flies. 
We love you FOUR month old, angel baby!

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Jenn said...

Love those big ole' eyes! She is to precious!!