Sunday, July 8, 2012

Katiedid + Emmedid July 4th 2012.

Every year the neighborhood I grew up in {and now live in again} puts on a 5 mile run to benefit the volunteer fire department. I remember participating in it when I was a little girl and now that we have little Emme we wanted to start our own July 4th family tradition. It really was SO much fun!

Heading out the door at 630 am. 
 Run time. 
 Emme and Grammy before the run. 
Daddy finished before us, but he jogged back to join us so we could all finish together. 
It was our fastest time yet!
{Really, we finished in 45 minutes because I forgot to press end once we crossed the finish line.}
We did come in first in my made up stroller category. Ha!
 All done. 
 Pre-party picture. 
 Once again, we went to Reed's annual July 4th party. 
I guess you could say we took it a little easier than last year
 First 4th as a family!
We got home early but were too tired to stay out and watch the neighborhood fireworks. 
We will have to start that July 4th tradition next year. 

We sure do love our little Miss America!

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the kemps said...

Katie, what kind of jogging stroller do you use??