Monday, August 20, 2012

Katiedid + Emmedid GS2012. {Days 4-5}

Day 4. 
Amy heard about this cute little zoo in GS and was persistent about working it into our weekly agenda. So, on day 4 we decided to skip our morning beach time and took the kiddo's on their FIRST trip to the zoo! The zoo was small enough to keep our little ones attention and just when we couldn't take any more of the heat we were done. 
Hello there, Mr. Lion. 
Later alligator. 
Sweet goat. 
Weird monkeys?!
We headed back to the condo, had lunch, and napped through some afternoon thunderstorms. Later that evening we ventured down to the beach.
Emme gets her first kiss on the cheek!
Whatcha gonna do, Walker?!
And he moves in for more! Ha. 
Too stinkin' cute. 
Boys, boys, boys. 
Despite having young kiddos, our husbands still managed to act like they were in college on Spring Break. It was quite comical and Amy and I enjoyed the entertainment!
Sweet baby just smiled like the rest of us. 
That night we stayed in, the husbands picked us up seafood, and Emme found her feet!

Day 5. 
Beach baby. 
 So fun!
 Mommy's + babe's.
It's 5 o'clock somewhere!
 Evening party on the beach!
The husbands went out to "pick us up dinner" again that night. In reality, they went out and had a little fun of their own. When they finally returned they got GROUNDED. Ha. 

Check back soon for the conclusion of our GS2012 trip!

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