Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Katiedid + Emmedid GS2012. {Days 1-3}

Just 2 days after I passed my NP boards we packed up our entire house and headed to 
Gulf Shores, Alabama for our first vacation as a family of three!

A few months ago the Raley's asked us to join them on their summer vacation and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to start our own summer vacation tradition with such a fun family. Jeff and I were close friends in middle school and high school and now Jeff and Matt are co-workers. It's almost funny how sweet life can be sometimes! And Amy, Jeff's wife, is absolutely adorable. Little Mr. Walker, their almost 2 year old son, is ALL boy and as cute as can be. 

Going into this vacation we all knew traveling with 2 kids under 2 would be quite the adventure. But, I had no idea just how much FUN and how many LAUGHS we would have throughout the week! 

Off to Gulf Shores we go...

Day 1.
Since both of our families could technically fit inside one large SUV, our husbands insisted on renting a one and driving to GS together. From the get-go the wives were skeptical about this "ride" situation, but we were promised a Suburban with a hitch on the back. {Possibly do-able?!} But, when the Raley's showed up the night before we left with a MINI-VAN {All the Suburbans were gone?!}, I knew things were not going to go as promised. Our husbands were bound and determined to get everything in and with some SERIOUS strategic planning somehow 2 family's luggage for a week, 2 pack and play's, 2 strollers, and all the accessories 2 kids under 2 need fit into our super cool {insert sarcasm} MINI-VAN. 

The Raley's spent Friday night at our house and we woke up at 3am on Saturday morning to get on the road while the kiddo's were still asleep. That was a major fail well thought-out attempt because after being loaded into the mini-van both kids were wide awake until well after the sun came up. I can't really complain though because both kids did exceptionally well during the 10 hour drive. 

Here we are in the mini-van after our breakfast stop. 

Emme and I turned the third row seat into a breastfeeding, poopy diaper changing, play station. It was tight back there, but with my new found Mommy skills we managed to make it work. 

It was a little rainy when we first arrived. The Momma's rested and napped with the kiddos and the Daddy's were sent off to the store with a grocery list. Later in the day the kiddos woke up and it was time to play!

We went down to the beach early that evening and gave the kiddos their first peak of the sand and the sea! 
Emme meets the ocean. 
Little Walker wasn't all that interested at first. 
And here are a few Instagram pictures that I think are priceless!
That first night we made a lasagna, got settled into our Condo, and had an early bedtime to rest up for...

Day 2.
I probably definitely went a little over the top when swimsuit shopping for Em. 
Oh well, first family trips to the beach only happen once in a lifetime. 
We brought our BOB stroller to use on the beach and it was the best decision ever!
Sweet little Miss could easily lounge in the shade. 
Itty-bitty baby toes in the sand. 
We cleaned up early after a fun day in the sun and headed out to dinner. 

Love this family. 
We ate all sorts of yummy seafood at the The Steamer
And the Mommy's had a little celebration of their own. 
Easy E was all smiles all throughout dinner. 
After dinner we headed back to the condo and had a little dance party of our own. 
Walker LOVES Rihanna "We Fell in Love" so we put it on repeat and danced the night away.
Dancing with these dudes tops any dancing I have ever done anywhere else! 
Seriously, SO FUN. 

Day 3. 
By Day 3 the Mommy's established a pretty good daytime routine. Wake up, breakfast, play, morning beach time, lunch, afternoon nap time, afternoon beach time, showers, and then dinner. It really worked out well and kept the kiddos happy. Occasionally, Emme took her naps on the beach. Such a munchkin!

 This was the view of our condo from the beach. 
Pre-dinner pics. 
With 2 little ones we couldn't do long waits or large crowds. 
So, we ate {some of us topless!} at small Mexican restaurant recommended by a local. 

Days 4 and 5 coming to you in a few!


Amanda @ everyday b and b said...

Emme's bathing suits are absolutely adorable! I'm holding out hope for a little girl in november just because every piece of clothing I see for girls is sooo cute!

Channa, Life as a Coaches Wife said...

What a fun vacation!! It looks like Matt liked dancing more the Walker!