Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Emmedid turn FIVE months.

Sweet Emme Kate, you are FIVE months old today. 
For what seemed like forever, I only looked forward to one month of this entire year. 
And since March 8th time has truly flown by. 
You are the most precious little girl I have ever laid my eyes on. 

Twenty week photo shoot. 
We were in Gulf Shores so the traditional at home in the chair picture wasn't possible. 

Five month photo shoot. 
You currently have your first cold. Yep, Daddy gave it to all of us. 
This was the best I could do this morning during your usual "happy" time. 
I know this is how you are really feeling. 
Breaks my heart. 
You are pretty congested, have watery eyes, and only want to be held. We have been doing lots of snuggling! Probably the only reason I am getting this post done on time is because we can't leave the house and you are currently sleeping on the Boppy in my lap as I type. 

Emmedid grow. 
-You are turning into such a sweet, smiley little thing.
-You have the most precious laugh ever. And have started laughing more and more.
The cutest. 
-As of yesterday, you are now wearing size 3 diapers. 
-You clearly think you are too big and too cool for your 3 month onesies. A few 3 month outfits still fit, but you are mostly wearing 6 month clothes. 
-You reach for everything you see! Your favorite things happen to be Mommy's hair and her big necklaces. 
-You are chewing on EVERYTHING. I believe teething is in full force, sister. 
-You are still being breastfed every three hours during the day. No rice cereal yet. I'm not sure if/when we will start this upcoming month. 
-Your daily sleeping/napping schedule has changed a bit this month. You changed it, not me, for the most part. You typically wake up around 7-8, take an hour long nap around 10, take a longer 2ish hour nap around 1, and take another hour long nap around 4, then its off to bed around 9. Since you started going to bed earlier and missing a 10 or 11pm feeding you also started waking up around 330am for a middle of the night feeding. I don't mind getting up with you and you always go right back to sleep afterwards. 
-The day you went to your four month check-up {7.10.12} you rolled from your back to your tummy. 
-Since then, you have perfected your rolling and can roll off the playmat and onto the wood floor in no time. Trouble. 
-At the beginning of the month I tried having you sleep in your crib for a few nights. We failed. I wasn't sleeping, you weren't sleeping, and I was under a lot of pressure {see below} so we gave up. 
-We kept our hiney's at home for a few weeks so we could hit the books hardcore and pass the Nurse Practitioner boards. We managed to keep it fun! Ha. 
-We passed the boards and 2 days later packed up and headed on our first family vacation to Gulf Shores.
-You met the ocean, went to the zoo for the first time, and we had tons of fun in the sun!
{More on all that in another post.}
-Also, while on vacation Mr. Walker gave you your first kiss on the cheek. So sweet!
-After we got back from vacation we tried the whole sleeping in the crib thing again.
This time we were SUCCESSFUL! You have now been consistently sleeping in your crib for over a week. This was a HUGE step for Mommy. Clearly, you are happy about it too. 
{Yes, the Magic Sleepsuit is still our BFF too!}
-You are becoming even more alert and wanting to be up and a part of everything. 
-You still love your crib "friends." Mommy is thankful for them because when y'all are playing she can get a few things done without having to worry about you rolling off somewhere. 
-You are starting to babble away...
-Daddy turned 30 a few days ago. However, he spent the majority of his birthday evening putting together a present for you. That's true Daddy love. Despite the silly face, you really love it!
-Daddy loves to love on you... And teach you silly new tricks. 
-You are still quite the spitter-upper so you constantly have a bib around your neck. But, you are the happiest sitter-upper and rarely fuss. 
 -Hello, feet! Yep, you found those this month.
-You and Grace are finally becoming buddies too. 

You bring so much happiness to our lives, FIVE month old Emme Kate. 

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