Friday, August 24, 2012

Katiedid + Emmedid GS2012. {Days 6-8}

Day 6. 
 Day 6 was a picture perfect day on the beach!
Hubster is waving next to our daily set up!
We rented the same umbrella and chairs all week. Definitely money well spent!
 Sleepy beach baby. Awake beach baby. 
Such a handsome little fella. 
 Hello, hottie. 
Baby love, beach style. 
 And Mommy went bonkers with the camera once again. Because that never happens!
I kid. 
Blowin' baby bubbles. 
Sweet, petite baby back. 
Just hangin'. 
Post-nap paci play time with Walker. 
 That evening we showered and headed to an early dinner in Orange Beach. 
Look at that happy little lady!
Goodness, I love her!
On the boardwalk after dinner. 
The husbands had planned on a "guy's only" night out... But, that didn't happen because they got grounded the night before

Day 7. 
Our last day in GS started out like this...
 Then got slightly better like this...
 And by the afternoon, it turned into all fun and games! 
Everyone wanted to be friends with DJ walker!
Em's took a mid-day nap. 
The boys has a good ol' time with our "cabana boy."
Just watching the shenanigans in amazement...
Let's take a group picture! 
At least the craziness was caught on camera. 
All sunny smiles this time! 
 Girls only. 
We played on the beach until the sun went down. Dinner at the same Mexican restaurant {see Day 3} followed. However, there was a DJ this time... And we MOST DEFINITELY had a killer dance party in the middle of the patio!
Perfect last night in GS!

Day 8. 
We woke up, packed up, and were on the road by 8 am. The ride home was just as uneventful as the ride there. Emme and I, once again, dominated the third row seat with lots of feeding, poopy diaper changing, and playtime. When we were about 20 minutes from home, Matt got a final video of all our thoughts about our trip... Watch and see... 
Pretty much sums up our trip!
Awesome and hilarious! 

...And that's a wrap!
We truly had the BEST time! Cant wait for next summer's adventure with the Raley's!

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