Monday, August 13, 2012

Katiedid the Royal Dirty Thirty.

The hubs 30th birthday week is officially dunzo!
We even managed to make it through lots of birthday party prep despite a household cold epidemic. Before I get to all the Royal Dirty Thirty party fun, here are a few pictures from our low-key at home birthDAY celebration. 

Morning present opening. 
I texted him 30 different things I love about him all throughout the day. He thought it was going to be  challenge... The truth is I could have come up with 30 million more. 
That night I made Taco Stew as requested by the sick birthday boy, we lounged on the couch and had more evening present opening. 
Where's Emme?
We all love opening presents, Grace included. 
And no birthday is complete without the traditional homemade birthday brownie. 
 30 years looks SO darn cute on him! I am one lucky lady!

The Royal Dirty Thirty. 
I knew from the start surprising this 30 year old was going to be next to impossible, so I nixed that idea. What's second best to a surprise? Doing exactly what you want to celebrate your birthday. When asked how he wanted to celebrate, the birthday boy said he wanted a "Dirty Thirty" pool party at home. So, that's exactly what he got. I added in the "Royal" part because if you know my husband, you know he absolutely loves Crown Royal. Also, I had been secretly collecting our empty Crown bottles for years with a special occasion like this in mind!

I ran with the "Dirty" theme and came up with an appetizing menu. Ha!
Dirt brownies, dump cake, and trash can chow for desert. 
The decor wasn't too over the top... But, it was a significant birthday so I thought a little was a must. 
A few friends headed over early to help BBQ before everyone else arrived. 
 Our favorite Auntie Alli even made a special trip!
 I managed to get a few pictures of us and the early arrivers. 
Baby blue eyes. 
And a few pictures when Emme and I joined the swimmers in the pool. 
 This face. Adorable. 
 Then things started to get a bit dirty...
We fit and fed 50+ people in our one story home...
And the party lasted until 2 am...
So, I say it was a ROYAL success!
Thanks to all that came to celebrate the ol' hubby!


Big K Fam said...

Looks like that was a fun birthday!!

Ivy said...

Looks like so much fun - you did such a good job planning! I love the "royal dirty" theme!