Saturday, December 22, 2012

Emmedid bake, Santa, Willie.

Emmedid bake Santa's willie?! 
Say what?! Ha. 
I guess all this Christmas craziness is making me a little coocoo. 
I hope you laughed {or smiled} at least!

It's a Grz. girl family tradition to bake Christmas sugar cookies every year. This year was especially sweet because Emme as added into the mix!

We did pause in the middle of baking to play with this cutie. 
Little ruffle butt. 
And this was me last year during our annual bake session. Crazy!!

We took Emme to meet Santa a few weeks ago. 
  It was a Friday afternoon and there was absolutely no one in line. From the looks of it, Emme was pretty excited too!
We plopped her on Santa's lap, she checked him out for a minute and then they quickly became friends. No surprise! Look at that adorable smile!!

 Emme's Grammy graciously gave her an Elf on the Shelf this year so he could watch her starting with her very first Christmas! The first name Matt suggested was Willie, and every other name that was presented after was quickly shot down. So, Willie he is! Emme first met Willie when he was seated on the advent calendar I had as a kid. 
He has done a few cute things...
And a few funny things...
 But, not too much effort is going into his happenings this year because clearly she doesn't understand the concept. She sure does like having him around though! And breaks the no touching rule regularly!

A Christmas party blog post is coming soon! 
We just have a few more to attend this weekend!
Ho, ho, ho!

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