Friday, December 21, 2012

Katiedid + Emmedid the 2012 Christmas tree.

The day after Thanksgiving we took little Emme to pick out her very first Christmas tree! 
Growing up we always went to pick out our tree as a family and continuing this tradition with our daughter is a must! 
Hello, Christmas tree. 
Glamma and Papa came to help too! 
Family photo with our tree! 
{Pictured behind Emme}
Pointing at the trees. 
 First encounter with a fake Santa. 
This is my 4th year to do a "peace tree" and it's by far my favorite version yet. I {with the help of Glamma} added the burlap bows and love the end result! Previous peace trees can be seen here.
I also decorated my branches in the kitchen. 
 And a particular little lady {not naming names!} can't keep her tiny hands off the tree!

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