Saturday, December 15, 2012

Emmedid play.

Play at the park. 
A few weeks ago I took my favorite gal to the park for the first time. 
Her sweet smile says how much she loved it! 
This face. I melt. 
And here is a video of Em's first swing session. 

Play at Mother Goose time. 
Our Tuesday ritual now consists of Mother Goose time at the library followed by lunch at CFA and shopping together.
 Emme was pretty excited to go for the first time!
We sing, roll balls, read books, and play with other kiddo's. 
 I love having her as my permanent girlie sidekick. 
The little munchkin passed out while shopping at Target. 

Play with new toys. 
I got Emme this tube thingy and she loves it!
And Glamma got you your first CAR because you were a teething mess a few weeks ago. 
Spoiled much?!
Crazy driver on the road!
We "drive" to the mailbox every afternoon and often turn our house into a racetrack! 

Hope you are having a little play time with your favorite people this weekend! 

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