Thursday, December 20, 2012

Emmedid turn NINE months.

Nine month photo shoot. 
 You are so stinkin' cute these days! And by NO means are you lacking in the personality department. 
See what I mean?!
Ummm... Seriously?! Enough is enough. 
 And these close ups...
Good golly, I couldn't love you any more!
And your silly Daddy can't get enough of you too!

Nine month appointment. 
Here are just a few {hundred!} more of your favorite faces to make. 
You weighed 17 lbs 6 oz {24%} and were 28.25 {75%} inches tall. 
Overall, your doctor said you are growing absolutely perfectly AND are about 6 months ahead developmentally. I don't mean to brag... But, it is definitely worth writing down! 

Emmedid grow. 
-It seems as if every month with you is my favorite month. Truth is, every month you become more and more fun!
-You are learning SO many new tricks and LOVE showing them off to everyone you meet. You can wave hi/bye, blow bubbles, blow kisses {you only make noise with your mouth... we are still working on the hand part}, clap your hands when we say "yay," do the lizard {stick out your tongue} and do your "mean girl" face {pictured below} all on command.
-We also play "Where is the baby?" or peekaboo all the time.  
-You can say "dada" and "mama." Dada is definitely said way more frequently and mama usually only comes out when you get mad. Here is one of the first times you said dada.
-You have started pointing at things and frequently babble to yourself. 
-You tend to be pretty shy at first when entering a new enviornment. However, give it 5-10 minutes and you are the life of the party!
-You are crawling, "cruising" and pulling up on everything, little lady. 
This video is from the beginning of the month. Your balance has improved so much in just 4 weeks!
-You are still nursed every 4 hours during the day and typically once during the middle of the night.
-You eat breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner. Your favorite foods are still yogurt, bananas, waffles, grilled cheese {actually anything that consists of cheese!}, noodles, and peas. I am pretty sure you are done with sweet potatoes because you won't have anything to do with them anymore. Meal times sure are messy times!
-You are still wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. 
-You got your first 2 bottom teeth the week of Thanksgiving. You were a fussy mess and up every 3-4 hours at night for a few days. If you look super close you can see them peeking out in this picture. 
-You still love bath time! And one night a nakey baby got loose!
-You are not a big fan of your car seat and usually fuss the majority of our drive anywhere. 
-When you drop something you say "uh" as in "uh-oh." It's precious!
-We have played at the park, at Mother Goose time and with lots of new toys this month. 
-Your favorite toys are phones, keys and remote controls. Not the baby ones... The real ones. And yes, you know the difference!
-We had a fun week alone together while Dada went hunting in Wisconsin. 
-We had a fantastic Thanksgiving and you "ran" your first 10K. 
-We started prepping for Christmas. 
{Many new posts coming about all the festivities!}
-We went to visit Papa Joe. 
-And continued to root for our favorite football teams. 
-Lastly, you are our favorite little shopping sidekick! Even if we have to trade off holding you the entire time. 

You are the center of our world, Emme Kate. 
Happy NINE months, beautiful baby girl!  

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