Friday, February 22, 2013

Emmedid turn ELEVEN months.

How, how, how has it already been almost ONE year since the best girlie surprise ever arrived?!
That is the question I struggle with daily. 
Too fast. Too fast. 
Time goes by just TOO fast! 

Eleven month photo shoot. 
The many faces of Emme Kate.
See a few little teeth peeking out?
Mean muggin' Mommy. 
Dada brought home a birthday present!
He doesn't love or spoil you one bit. 
It's a little baby that sings ABC's and 123's. 
You LOVE baby's and love them even more if they make noise.

Emmedid grow. 
-Just when I say one month with you is my favorite, the next month becomes my favorite too! Truth is, every stage/month has its great parts. This month you have definitely grown into even more of a little "person." You have likes/dislikes, wants/needs and you know how you like things done. You even think you are getting "SO BIG!"
-One of your newest likes, and the most significant change this month, was the introduction of FORMULA. Yep, we are done with breastfeeding. You just didn't seem "satisfied" after nursing... And I had a huge drop in production, so I knew why. We lasted a total of TEN months. I think that was an incredible accomplishment and you got plenty of the good stuff! This change came just before all the whirlwind wedding planning, so I consider it a blessing in disguise. I knew I would be so sad and mourn the loss of our special bond, but with all the busyness of the wedding I hardly even thought about it. You absolutely LOVE formula and "baba's." I am so thankful you adapted so well to this  huge change!
-Your favorite foods are CHEESE, crackers, yogurt, yogurt melts, waffles, goldfish, puffs and CHEESE. Did I mention CHEESE?  I can't even open the refrigerator without you pointing to the cheese! Some days you are great eater, and some days you are an awful eater. I try hard not to force you to eat things or to worry too much about what you are/aren't eating. This will all change when the "baba" goes bye-bye in a month or so. Yikes!
-You discovered the greatness of donuts and kolaches!
-You are still in size 3 diapers. We have moved you up to size 4's at night because we have had a few overflows. 
-Those overflows happened when you SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! Yes, you have started sleeping all night long. Not consistently and you definitely wake up more nights than you sleep... But, it has happened! Which means it CAN happen! Yay! 
{FYI:  I am still the only one who gets up with you at night. Dada has tried to console you, but Mama does it best.}
-We also spent our first night away from you. You did wonderful and it was for a very special reason!
{Blog post to come!}
-You are wearing mostly 12 month clothes but still fit in some 9 month ones too.
-You are a petite 19.5-ish lbs.

-Here is the pointing you do SO much! I think it's adorable and it really gives us a way to communicate. Not to mention, something else to talk about.
-You have expanded your vocabulary a bit this month. You say "dada," "hot," "go," "wa-wa"/water, and an occasional "mama" comes out but still only when you are about to get mad.
-All FOUR of your top teeth decided to come in at once! So that is a total of SIX teeth. And you are getting some BLONDE hair on your little bald head. Go girl!
-You have had 2 colds this month and got your first ear infection that needed antibiotics. Boo! You did okay with the medicine once we figured out to just put it in your formula. 
-You always recognize animals! On the tv, outside, in a book etc. You consistently bark or say "ah ah" like a dog when you see them. It's so cute! We are working on what other sounds different animals say. 
-You have really started to become interested in books. Touch and feel and pop-up ones are your favorite. I know you are going to be a smartie!
-Bath time is still one of your favorite things! I tried sitting you in the tub like a big girl... And you  had a hysterical freak out! Back in the baby tub we go!

-You are continuing to really "play" with your toys. I could watch you discover what they do all day!
-You are a mess! This is what happens when I am cooking in the kitchen. 
-You have started torturing Grace!
-But, she lets you because you feed her. 
-We still take lots of daily pictures. 
-And enjoy neighborhood runs on gorgeous days!
-In the swing is probably your happiest place. 
-The car seat is still a happier place now that you are forward facing. 
-You have mastered the walker this month! You know this little contraption can assist you to get from point A to point B. 
-You have the most infectious little laugh! And think sneezing is hilarious!
-This months biggest events revolved around Auntie Holly!
 -You were a flower girl for the first time! After the ceremony you went down the aisle in your Cozy Coupe that had a "Just Married" sign on the back. Everyone thought you were absolutely adorable!
-We survived a kitchen renovation. 
-You are Mama and Dada's BFF. We seriously talk about how much we love you multiple times per day!

-I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, get enough of these kisses. 
Happy ELEVEN months sweet Emme Kate!
Your FIRST birthday party is NEXT weekend.

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