Friday, February 8, 2013

Emmedid turn TEN months.

Emme Kate, 
Time is literally flying by! Just about as fast as you can crawl now!
You are getting so big, so beautiful, and so bold in all you do. 
Everyday your Daddy and I laugh at how crazy cute you are and how incredibly much we love you. 

Ten month photo shoot. 
These faces. I love. 

Emmedid grow.
-You are just the most adorable little lady, Emme Kate. And wherever we go you always make friends! First, someone will say "hi" and comment about how beautiful you are. You are a little shy at first and usually cling to me. But, just give it a few minutes and YOU become the one that is saying "hi" and waving to everyone in the store. Depending on the mood you are in, you may be sticking out your tongue, giving your "mean girl" face or blowing bubbles instead. Such a crack up!
-As I mentioned, you are very BOLD in everything you do. You point at exactly what you want and you wont stop until you get it. I've always been a girl who knows exactly what she wants too!
-Your favorite word is "dada." Mama comes out occasionally, but usually only when you are about to pitch a fit. Nice. 
-You have mastered the art of "cruising" the furniture. You also love to walk while I am holding your hands. Occasionally you are brave enough to do the one handed walk. 
-You are still nursed every 4 hours during the day and typically once at night. You typically take a 45 minute nap in the morning and a 1-1.5 hour nap in the afternoon. 
-I still rock you to sleep before every nap and bedtime.  It's truly the highlight of my day! You will not just lay in your crib and put yourself to sleep and I am dreading the day you do.
-You are wearing still wearing mostly 9 month clothes and remain in size 3 diapers. 
-Your favorite foods are still yogurt, waffles, cheese, crackers and noodles. Sweet potatoes have reemerged as a favorite again this month. Lasagna, spaghetti, and pizza have also become new favorites.  
-Standing in your highchair is your newest talent! And our mealtimes are still our messiest times. 
-Right after you finish dinner you know it's bath time! You crawl over to the bath tub and just wait for us to get it ready. So cute!
-A lot of our activities this month revolved around Christmas. Shopping, decorating, Christmas partiesChristmas EveChristmas Day etc. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from all the festivities. 
-You absolutely loved all of your Christmas gifts and really started to "play" with your toys... Not just pick them up, drop them, or put them in your mouth. 
-You love, love, love to swing!
-You got a big girl car seat for Christmas and are now forward facing. When to start this is a HUGE debate, but I am all about doing what works for you and your child. You HATED rear facing and would scream when you were in the car. It was torture for both of us! Since being forward facing you haven't cried once. I drive carefully, cautiously, and we rarely go father then 10-15 miles. Whatever. It works for us!
-You are obsessed with Gracie's bowls and spill her water at least once a day. 
-You also share everything with her! Such a sweet sissy you are!
-You love coffee, cleaning, vacuuming, and computer time just like me!
-You started 2013 off with an awful cold. We were both miserable!
 -We still play "where is the baby?"or peekaboo everyday. 
-You are such a little lovie! You love to give hugs to everyone, Raf Raf included!

We love you precious baby girl! 

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