Monday, February 11, 2013

Hollydid be the BACHELORETTE.

Exactly ONE week after Holly got engaged her adorable friends and my Mom and I put together her Bachelorette party! 
During their bachelor/bachelorette parties Holly and Chris both wore the same outfits that they were wearing when they met. So CUTE!
These girls are seriously the sweetest ever! They all had such short notice and still made this night so special for Holly. 
Mrs. Baughman-to-be. 
Grz girls always and forever. Love!
We cut the cake...
Opened gifts...
Continued to party...
 AND had a special visitor! Hehe!
It was so fun to celebrate Holly and her last night as a single lady!
Thanks again Jenna for hosting and for all of your hard work!

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Kaytee said...

so fun!! i am being the worst blogger, but i still check up on you, miss katie!! xo