Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Katiedid attempt to be cool.

Last Saturday was spent poolside in attempt to stay COOL in the scorching Houston heat. 

We were not planning on taking this chunky ball of fur with us during our afternoon outside...
But, we couldn't ignore her precious puppy dog eyes as we were walking out the door. 
We scooped her up because she totally asked for it!

This HOT Momma attempted to keep COOL by sneaking drinks from the pool all day. 

Grace isn't particularly a fan of other dogs, but kept her COOL around Miss Lady. 

 These crazy boys played pool Beer Pong like the COOL college kids they still wish to be.  

After our afternoon in the sun, Grace came home to her COOL new COOLing dog bed. 
Her super COOL Daddy found it on the internet last week and surprised her with it. 

Sunday afternoon we visited my sweet recuperating Momma. 
She is getting stronger and stronger each day. 
Way COOL if you ask me!
Please continue to pray for her physical strength and patience. 
She is not the "lay around" and inactive type. 
So, being home and in bed most of the day is not her favorite thing to do.

Sunday evening we went to a little family dinner and feather session at my in-laws. 
My totally COOL cousin in-law, Lindsey, finally feathered me up!
The goods. 

The action shots. 

The fabulous feather-ist!
{In back and white just as she requested.}
Who cares if yesterday my 17 year old patient and her friend had feathers too?!
They liked them and thought I was pretty COOL.
And I get to feel like a tired, hard-working, nurse, student, adult COOL and carefree teenager all summer long!

Today I am headed to Galveston for some school stuff. 
First, I am going to try to keep my COOL while doing a videotaped patient encounter. 
Think a paid "patient," myself, and my instructor watching on the other side of the glass and listening with head phones.
Awkward?! Not COOL?! I think so. 
Afterwards, we have a suture workshop scheduled.
Learning how to sew people up... COOLer for sure.
After all the work is done, I am treating myself to a little shopping stop at my FAVORITE boutique in Galveston.
COOLest ending ever to a not so COOL day. 

Hope the rest of your week is super COOL!

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Anonymous said...

Awww I love your little doggie! Cool post ;-)