Monday, June 20, 2011

Katiedid love on her main men.

I love my Daddy.

He is Mr. Laid-back and always have a good time!

Not Mr. Talkative, but when he does talk, always finds the right words to say. 

Mr. Selfless, who never wins a battle with these three girlies. 

And truly Mr. Tenderhearted.

Mr. Amazing Husband has been nursing my little Momma back to health for the past 2 weeks. 
So, for Father's Day I treated Mr. Best Dad Ever to a day on the course with his favorite golf buddies.
Mom and I hung out at home and waited for them to drive by!

Such cuties.
I am so happy they play well together!

I love my husband.
Last week I was way busy. 
None of my typical "house wife" tasks were completed. 
And those of you who know me already, know I can not sleep when my house is not clean. 
While I was working last Saturday I sent out this shot-in-the-dark text to my Hot Hubby. 

And as you can see, he said he would take over my wifely duties. 
I do not delegate chores often, but after coming home to this...
I think I just may start delegating more often!
{See those beautiful vacuum lines?!}
Melts my neat freak heart!

Someone is turning 26 years old tomorrow. But, I am not naming names!
26 is OLD... Thats is LATE 20's people!

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