Saturday, June 11, 2011

Katiedid go Gaga.

Over the past few weeks I have become insanely obsessed captivated with Lady Gaga. 
I love her uniqueness, artistry, honesty, and total weirdness!
Her message of self-empowerment and individuality is truly inspiring. 

True story:
Being my conservative little self, I was a totally taken back by her provocative costumes and performances at first. 
My parents felt the exact same way same way. 
Last weekend we all watched this  Lady Gaga & The Art of Fame interview on 60 Minutes.
By the time it was over, everyone was one of her little "monsters."
I encourage you to watch it. 
She is quite brilliant. 

On to the happenings of this week...
The beginning of the week went quite smoothly.
If I was fabulous enough to have the PAPA-PAPPARAZI following me, you would have seen this smiling face in the clinic. 

 My mom has been struggling with lower back pain/sciatica for quite some time and was scheduled for a spinal surgery on Wednesday. 
On Monday she had to be evaluated by a Cardiologist for an abnormal finding on her EKG. 
After a few tests {that took all day!} she got two thumbs up for surgery. 
Reassuring right?!
Not when both of her daughters are ER nurses. 

Anyway, Wednesday came and into surgery she went!
{Photo credit goes to my sister.}
My Dad and Holly were there bright and early to see her off. I was in the clinic. 
Bad daughter, I know. I feel awful. 
However, I was there with mini-cupcakes in hand shortly after she arrived in her room. 
The little yummies didn't make up for my absence, but they were delicious!

The surgery went well, minus one small complication. 
But, she should recover just fine in the end.
This sweet lady gets BEYOND sick after receiving any sort of sedation/anesthesia medication. 
We have tried to pinpoint certain medications that could cause the after effects, pre-medicate to prevent them, and just about everything in between. 
Unfortunately, she was just BORN THIS WAY.
So the next 2 days were pure TORTURE for her. 
{And for my devoted Dad who never leaves her side. Bless his heart.}
She is such a trooper and finally made it home on Friday afternoon. 
Please pray that she has a quick, simple, and speedy recovery. 

The middle of my week was spent running between home, the clinic, and the hospital. 
MM was out of town for a few days, which makes for a very BAD ROMANCE.

Yesterday, I was completely exhausted but dragged myself to work anyway. 
While in line ordering my usual Skinny Vanilla Latte I couldn't help but wish I was filling up these big bad boys with my favorite adult beverage instead.

How is this for a 6am POKER FACE?!

In attempt to not BE A DRAG, JUST BE A QUEEN I wore these sparkly kicks to work to make me smile throughout the day!
And it was our 20 month Anniversary yesterday {yes, I still count} so it was appropriate to wear a little momento from the big day!

There you have it. 
We are caught up to today {Saturday}.
The maid came this morning.
I just finished and submitted all my school work for the week.
Now, I am officially on THE EDGE OF GLORY to a much deserved weekend.
MM and I are heading over to a friends house shortly.
We will be poolside, soaking up the sun, with our favorite drinks in hand. 

Hope you have a glorious weekend! 
And go Gaga.

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Mrs. Wardlow said...

Hope your mama is feeling better! My mom had that surgery last year and feels a world of difference!