Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Katie{and mini}did get showered with love. {2}

A few weeks ago my amazing Mom {Glamma} and sister {Auntie Holly}, Mary {my Mom's BFF} and her daughter {Rachel}, and my sweet Aunt's gave mini-Martin and I a precious shower. 

We felt SO loved all afternoon!
Many of my friends from out of town and previous coworkers made a special trip just to come. 

Every detail was perfect. 
It was mostly a little bird theme {very fitting for mini-Martin} with tons of pink and blue touches. 
Upon arrival, everyone had to pick team pink or team blue stickers.
It was super fun to find out everyone's predictions!

Detail pictures.
 Family love. 
My Dad {Papa} had to drop off a few last minute items before everyone arrived, so we snapped a few family pictures. 
The little yellow corsage I am wearing is the same one my Mom wore at MY baby shower. 
Fantastic friends. 
Sweet Julie {Mrs. Kern}. 
 Miss Rachel {gorgeous hostess}.
 Alli {my BFF} and Mrs. Raley. 
 Jenna and Stacy {ER nurses.}
 Julie and Kristin. 
All of the ER nurses {minus Auntie Holly.}
The Odom girls and Julie. 
Gladys and Jenn. 
 Hanging out. 
Auntie Holly and Mr. Alexander. 
Gigi, Le'Ann, Lindsey, Aunt Peggy. 
Kelly, Chelsea, Alexa, Aunt JoAnn. 
 Nancy and Aunt Amanda. 

 Ms. Bernie, Ms. Gloria, and Ms. Mary {fabulous hostess}.
 Fun and games. 
Everyone had to cut a piece of string that would perfectly fit around my belly. 
 Godmother Michelle, Aunt Donna, Aunt Karen. 
{More sweet hostesses!}
Julie won!
And I'm happy to report her string was the smallest one. 
Generous gifts. 
We love Glamma to the moon and back!
 The Daddy-to-be made a special appearance again. 
 Glamma got her very own bag from Gigi!
And finally, more of my favorites. 
{I'm sure you recognize these pretty faces by now.}
I am SO happy HE is all MINE. 
And I can not wait to meet OUR mini. 
Special shout-out's. 
1. Thanks again to ALL of the awesome hostesses:
Glamma, Auntie Holly, Mary, Rachel, Aunt Donna, Aunt Alexis, Aunt JoAnn, Aunt Nancy, Michelle, and Aunt Karen. 
Please forgive my pregnant brain for not remembering to give you the thank you gifts AND for not taking a big group picture. 
{I still have the gifts for you!}
2. Thanks Auntie Holly for being the head photographer once again!
{I owe you big time!}
3. Thanks to all the sweet little ladies who attended. 
Mini and I feel abundantly blessed and truly love each and every single one of you to pieces!

Hot hubby's co-workers gave him a fantastic surprise shower last week. That's on the blog next!
You may get 2 new blog posts in one day because I am resting and hobbling around at home today.
The reason?
That will be next too. 


Kaytee said...

hmmmm bed rest? you look fabulous! i love that you wore your mom's shower corsage, and you girls could seriously be TWINS! what was the gender prediction from most? sooooo exciting. :)

katiedid said...

Most said GIRL. But, we have LOTS of male family members that say BOY all the way!