Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Katiedid help shower MM.

MM started working with his current employer just after we got married about 2 years ago. 
This company is owned by the father of one of our very close friends {Alan}.
MM absolutely loves his job and I personally think they all have way too much fun at work!
Gabby {quite possibly the sweetest girl ever} arranged and coordinated this surprise shower.
It was super cute to see MM in Daddy-to-be mode!

Before the surprise.
 Glamma and Papa couldn't miss the surprise either!
 Amanda and Cesar {Alan's dad}. 
 The surprise.
 All smiles. 
Cake and gifts. 
Alan and Jeffrey. 
These three together are nothing but trouble. 
Group shots. 
The boys. 
 The girls. 
 Grammy and Auntie Amanda. 
It was such a special afternoon and MM got some great baby goodies.
Thanks again Gabby and everyone!

Now, for this Momma's issues that I mentioned in the last post. 
Last Friday I woke up to horrible low back/left butt cheek pain. 
So severe I could hardly walk. 
I did manage to limp my way through clinic and then came home and crawled into bed. 
Saturday there was minor improvement because I tried my hardest to "rest."
Sunday I thought I felt good enough for one last afternoon shopping trip.
{Huge mistake.}
Monday was another brutal clinic day. 
So, for the past 2 days I have been mostly hanging at home and hobbling to and from places close by. 

The verdict:
I think I pulled a muscle rolling over in my sleep. 
{A BIG belly + a toss and turner= serious issues!}
I am confident a glass of wine and/or a muscle relaxer would fix me right up. 
But, that is not gonna happen any time soon. 

We did have our 38 week OB appointment today. 
I'm happy to report that there has been SIGNIFICANT progress!
More on that and a bare belly post are in the works for tomorrow. 

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The Keierleber Characters said...

I pulled my back last year and it was painful! And that was without a baby in the tummy- yikes!

I am selfishly hoping that Mini is boy! Emmy Kate is baby girl #3's name, (if I ever get baby girl #3). :) Oh well, we live 8 hours apart now so if there are to Emme/Emmy Kates in the world it won't hurt, right? (and I may never have baby girl #3 anyway) :) At least we know Emme Kate is a great name! :)

Either way, we know Mini will be gorgeous!

Another similarity, my mom was called Glamma at first, but Nick vetoed it. So she is Nana Nell now. :)