Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Katiedid be a pregnant bridesmaid.

At the beginning of January my sweet friend, Julie, married her perfect match in Dallas. 
I actually found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after this Dallas birthday trip.
While in Dallas that time, I got fitted for and ordered my bridesmaid dress and attended Julie's engagement party. 
{The conception of sweet mini-Martin is also a definite possibility.}
Thankfully, I was able to call the dress store a few weeks later and increase my dress size a wee bit! 
And in November, I went back to Dallas and attended Julie's bridal shower and bachelorette party.

Julie is one of my very favorite friends!
She has the cutest and most innocent little personality. 
We can talk for HOURS about a whole lot of nothing.
She is the type of friend you will cherish forever. 
And one that will never miss a special event.
So, I was completely honored to be such an important part of her happiest day!

Julie is an ER nurse. Josh is an ER doctor.
Such a cute little love story they share!

Julie's photographer was not present during most of the bridal prep part of the day...
So, I stepped in and clicked away!

Julie and Laurie/sister/MOH.
A few of the bridesmaids.
Julie's Mom and sister.
Let the beautifying process begin...
Absolutely gorgeous!
Julie and her hair and make-up team. They were a-mazing!
Such a STUNNING bride!
Seriously, she was flawless. 
Hubs snapped a few pictures of mini-Martin and I when I ran up to our room to drop off my big ol' camera before the ceremony started. 
I did manage to snap a few iPhone pics throughout the evening!
The wedding was an absolute blast!
The band was incredible and even had this sober, 31-week-pregnant-girl shaking it out on the dance floor!
And lastly, here a few prep photo's of the pregnant bridesmaid.
I thought my hair totally ROCKED!
I love you, Jewels. 
Marriage is such a blessing and you deserve all the happiness in the world!

Inside note:
I am typing this post at 550 am.
Because I can't sleep.
I should be exhausted from working 2 12 hour FNP clinical rotations in the ER the past 2 days. 
BUT, I woke up at 530 totally giddy that we get to go check up on mini this afternoon! 
It is my LAST 2 week appointment. 
I will now be moving up to WEEKLY OB appointments. 
I will be a Mommy before I can blink!!
My heart is SO happy.

Tons of mini-Martin related posts coming at you next!

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