Friday, February 10, 2012

Katiedid bare the belly. {6}

The number of weeks is getting bigger and so am I. 
That's a fact. 
{It seems as if everything between my neck and knees is combining into one big blob!} 
I have always said I would be a miserable pregnant lady.
I truly don't like feeling "big."
I am pretty proud of myself for loosening up a bit and "embracing it."
Here are come cute and not so cute bare belly photos from the past 3 weeks. 

33 weeks. 
34 weeks. 
 35 weeks. 
If I look sleep deprived...
It's because I am!
44+ hour clinic work weeks do a number on a 35 week pregnant girl.
We did do a maternity photo session with the always incredible Linsday Elizabeth at 33 weeks.
Here is one of my favorites!
Click on over to her blog for a sneak peak of a few others. 
There are SO many more I totally LOVE!
I will do a separate blog post soon.

Mini-Martin update.
Here are the stats from our 36 week appointment: 

 1. Mini-Martin is still head down and in the exiting position! 
2. Weight: 6 lbs. 6 oz. 
3. Status: Dropping into pelvis.
4. Random fact 1: Our doctor thinks mini will arrive a week early! 
My due date is March 7th AND Auntie Holly's birthday is March 1st. 
Do the math. 
She would be totally stoked to share her birthday!
5. Random fact 2: Our ultrasound tech knows what sex mini is. 
She started asking us for our predictions and I was so tempted to yell, "Tell us already!"
But, I didn't. 
6. Random fact 3: Our doctor is also clueless about the gender. 
She said she is totally on team pink. 

Here is a kinda blurry profile pic from this week. 
And here is a happy Daddy, Mommy, and not so "mini-Martin" after our appointment. 

Pregnancy points. 
{These are just for my own recollection.}

1. Mini-Martin is constantly tucked under my right rib. 
It's pretty painful BUT it's a pain I can live with and would be so sad without. 

2. I itch like crazyyy at night. And I think I may have developed Restless Leg Syndrome.
 I'm hoping these disappear shortly after mini makes his/her debut. 

3. I can still wear my wedding rings and only have swelling on my right ankle when I work 12+ hour shifts. 

4. Just being pregnant has made me a better person. 
I have become more tolerant, supportive, and nurturing to others. 

5. I love being at home. 
My "on-the-go" self has turned into a total homebody. 

6. I don't have cravings. 
Some foods sound better on certain days...
But, I have yet to make MM run to the grocery store for some crazy item. 

7. Baby hiccups are my favorite part of pregnancy. 
They are so sweet, petite, and gentle. 

That's all I've got for today. 
Happy Friday, loves!

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Kaytee said...

Your pregnancy is very similar to Baby K's! Easy peasy; I didn't feel "big"'s a good thing! It drove me nuts that my tech and doctor knew the gender of the baby, but we didn't... IT'S WORTH THE WAIT! You look great, so excited to know if Mini Martin is a boy or a girl!!! :)