Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Katiedid have ONE month.

Just one month. 
As in four weeks. 
Until mini-martin's due date. 

March 7th has seemed like worlds away for so long. 
It is a day I know will eventually come, but I have no clue how it will go. 
I am a control lover. 
A wedding, a party, a holiday...
I can plan it like a professional. 
The day I become a Mommy and we become parents...
I am lost. 

Here are the things I know:
I will be a complete mess no matter what.
Just thinking about meeting this mystery person that has shared my body for the past 9 months makes me cry big fat happy tears. 
MM and I started dating in high school. 
For so long I have hoped for, prayed for, and dreamed about our future together. 
We have been immeasurably blessed and are so thankful for God's greatness. 
I can not even imagine holding His perfect creation and combination of us for the first time.
Here is proof of just how emotional I am already!
This little crib will be holding or precious angel very soon. 
Hopefully, our rocker will arrive before mini does too.
After his/her arrival a gender specific rug and accents will also be added. 
These fun baby accessories will actually be put to use! 
Mini-Martin will be likely be soothed by the sound of a vacuum cleaner. 
They say if you sing to your baby while pregnant, he/she will recognize your song and be soothed by it once he/she arrives.
Well, this girl can not sing!
I don't even sing to myself. 
But, I do vacuum almost daily like a crazy lady. 
Hopefully, mini recognizes this lovely noise and Momma can clean away once he/she is here!
I will stress over every little decision I must make pertaining to this sweet baby. 
I can't even decide on a delivery day beanie!
So, here are the SIX different alternatives I made.
MM will be an outstanding Daddy. 
He already loves our little girlie fur ball like it's going out of style. 
I have SO much to do in the next month. 
I have diligently been focusing on NP clinic hours so mini-Martin can have my undivided attention once he/she comes. 
I currently have 168 out of 240 hours completed. 
So, that's 72 more to go!
I think it can... I think I can... I know I can!

Well, this is another post written before 7 am. 
{Sleep and I are not the best of friends these days.}
But, off to the clinic I go!

We have another mini-Martin check up tomorrow!
During our last visit he/she wasn't cooperating for the ultrasound tech and we didn't get any great pictures. Too many hands and feet in the face!
We did learn that mini-Martin isn't so "mini" anymore. 
{5lbs 3oz at 35 weeks}
We can't wait to see how much growing took place in a week. 
Gauging by the size of my belly, I'm guessing a lot!

Let the countdown to meeting mini-Martin begin!


Kaytee said...

Hey girl! New follower here. Congrats on your soon-to-be bundle. We didn't know the gender of our babies either and it was THE BEST SURPRISE EVER. It is hard to "plan" the hospital trip---I had a huge suitcase of baby clothes and "just-in-case" bows both times. I have 1 of each: Brady (2.5) and Kenley (6 weeks) and I can tell you that either way you will be truly amazed with God's blessing. Once again, best surprise ever.

PS. I was/am a vacuum freak too, and both of my kids sleep soundly through it now. :)

Big K Fam said...

You're almost there!!! Soon you'll be holding sweet mini-martin {or not so mini} in your arms! P.S.-I vote for the skull and crossbones hat if he's a boy! Too cute!!