Sunday, May 27, 2012

Emmedid turn TWO months.

TWO months?! No way. 
Yes way. 
It's already hard to imagine what our life was like before this little angel arrived. 
Eight week photo shoot. 
 Adorable baby yawns. 
Two month photo shoot.
 These photos capture your cute little personality perfectly. 
 Good golly, I love you. 
 I melt. 
 Two month appointment. 
We were ready for your appointment a little early, so Mommy took some pictures.
That never happens!
I kid, I kid. 
So stinkin' sweet, 
 Daddy was out of town, so Glamma accompanied us to this not so fun doctor visit.
She's the best! And we treated her to lunch at Panera Bread.
You were a sleepy little sweetheart at lunch.
Once we got to the doctors office, I think you knew the shots were coming! 
But, having the best nurse ever made it a wee bit easier.
 You love your Glamma.
You weighed 11 lbs and 2 oz and were 23 inches long. 
Praise the Lord for a healthy, perfect little you!
Mommy loving on you after your shots. 
Glamma had bottle duty. 
I gave you Tylenol before your appointment just to make things a little less painful. 
As you can see, the shots did not phase you one bit. 
You slept the entire time during our after appointment shopping trips. 
Look at these poor little leggies. 
You felt a little feverish that evening. But, you were acting and eating as usual so Mommy didn't take your temperature.
She knew if she did she would worry way to much about nothing. 
The less you know, sometimes the better!

Emmedid grow. 
-You change everyday, little Emme. You make different faces, squeaks, and sounds. I just watch and listen in pure amazement. 
-You have a sweet and laid back demeanor. Daddy even started calling you "Easy E" at my graduation because you are always just as pleasant as can be. We joke because that nickname can only last until you are about 7 or so. After that, being "easy" isn't such a good thing. Ha. 
-You are getting so strong! You have great head control and wiggle all around on your play mat. You have even started to gain strength in your legs and can support your weight when standing with assistance.
-You have started knocking your paci out of your mouth and inserting your hands. We play a little game that goes something like this: Paci out of mouth, hands in mouth, Mommy puts paci back in mouth, and then repeat. 
-You are now in 3 month old clothes. All the newborn things are packed up and out of your closet. 
-You have started liking baths! Wahoo. We have a pretty good wash and dry system down and I think that helps. The first bath you didn't cry during was when Mommy was bathing you alone while Daddy was out of town. Just sayin!
-You are really starting to dig hanging out on your playmat. We "play" frequently throughout the day.
-We have switched you to the Playtex VentAire bottles because Dr. Brown's made you extremely gassy. You don't get bottle fed a lot, but when you did it was not fun. We are a big fan of these new bottles. 
-You dream a lot and make the cutest faces when doing so. I would love to know what these dreams are about!
-Mommy has started reading a lot of books to you lately because you are more alert. She read "Love You Forever" the other day and couldn't even finish the book because she was crying way too hard...
It rings all too true for your Mommy!
"I'll Love you forever, 
I'll like you for always, 
As long as I'm living my baby you'll be."


The Moon & Me said...

How sweet! We go for our 2 month this week. Love the sweet little bows and outfits.

Kaytee said...

so big! can you stand it? kenley has the same blue striped romper and pink rose headband! and my favorite book EVER is "Love You Forever!" Makes me cry. xoxox