Monday, May 30, 2011

Katiedid confess. {2}

I am NOT a fan of the Bachelorette this season. 
So much so I choose to steal my laptop from the study and blog instead. 
Truly, I should be filling my brain full of lots of valuable information for my test on Thursday. 
But, I "treated" myself to a little TV time this evening and since I am completely bored with Ashley and the lame-o dudes this season my "treat" will be a little extra non-school related computer time. 

Check out this disinterested face while watching the nonsense!
Am I the only "hater" this season?!


Stephanie Garee said...

I can't stand Ashley... but I can't tear myself away from the damn show....

katiedid said...

Her laugh couldn't be more awful/annoying/totally fake!

Mrs. Wardlow said...

She is just so average! And begging Bentley was pretty bad too! I wish they would've waited til Brad and Emily broke up (they knew it'd happen) and she was the bachelorette!