Saturday, May 28, 2011

Katiedid kick it in the country.

And had a darn good time doing so!

Last weekend Matt, Amanda {my sister-in-law}, and I drove up I10 to Cistern, TX. 
My father-in-law lives in that cute, charming little town. 
Y'all get ready for picture overload!

Meet Aunt Joanne. 
{We love her a lot!}

 On a wilderness adventure we go...

Boys, boys, boys. 

Bull crap. 
{Hey, its part of the country. That's a fact.}

 Momma and her baby. 
{I diagnosed this Momma with mastitis. Those utter thingy's are way to swollen in my opinion!}

 Take a look at the OLD truck just hangin' out on the side of the road!
{If it weren't for the barbed wire...I would have been all up IN it.}

Why, hello Mr. Horse! Are you hungry?!

I was entirely too excited about petting and feeding the animals. 
{Think 5 year old in a petting zoo style!}

Getting up close and personal. 

Girlies all ready for a big night out the at Cistern Country Store!

Joe, the as needed bar tender. 

Dance, dance, dance.
{All night long.}

Simply the best. 
{My family is from Wisconsin... Not too far from Milwaukee!}

{Look closely at the drink list. You don't find those prices in the city!}

Super fun night out in the country!

Boys and their toys. 

Y'all have a kickin' Memorial Day weekend!
Mine will be spent at housewarming parties, block parties, Memorial Day parties...
With a little studying in between the party mix!

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Mrs. Wardlow said...

I love going to the country for a few days! Always a nice change of pace!