Friday, May 13, 2011

Katiedid tag along.

And get rewarded for being such a little dedicated bookworm! {Really, my husband says I will get "grounded" if I don't make good grades. I just laugh listen and humor my scholarship provider.} 

Anyway, MM travels usually 8-10 days per month and this time I got to reap the benefits. 
{Happy smiles for all A's!}

After my last final of the spring semester we packed up, dropped off Miss Grace at sweet my sister's apartment, and headed to Louisiana. Thursday night we stayed in Lafayette, Friday morning MM met with clients, {I got a mani-pedi, managed to score the cutest striped romper, and found a new crafty/decor-ish/storage solution project that is now on my never ending to-do-when-I-get-a-free-day-list!} and then we headed to L'Auberge du Lac in Lake Charles. 

It was the perfect place for a spontaneous couples "staycation."

For the most part, we just soaked up the beautiful spring weather and played by the pool. 

Of course, we could not leave out our favorite friend!
{Hey, we are young and childless. It would be an unjustifiable crime not to.}

Afterwards, we took a quiet stroll on a cute little dock and posed for pictures.

That night we had a totally yummy dinner at the Jack Daniel's Bar and Grill then stayed at the bar for a while. It was acoustic night and the band surprisingly played our wedding song. 
{I melted once again!}

  After dinner we finally checked out the casino. {From the beginning, I had no interest in it} I lost all of about $20 and that was ALL I could handle! 
{Do you know what I could have purchased at Marshall's with that?! More on that topic later.}

Saturday was spent enjoying more quality pool time!

We had a FANTASTIC time.
{But, like any trip, it could have been an itty-bitty bit longer... No trip is ever long enough with the shirtless hottie pictured above!}
In the end, it just what this Nurse Practitioner-to-be needed after a super long spring semester!

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