Monday, May 9, 2011

Katiedid start a blog.

{And I do not even know where to begin! Or who will actually read this little thing. And if I even can come up with enough topics/material/substance to post regularly. Oh well, I will give it a genuine and whole-hearted attempt.}

I finally decided to create this blog with the hopes of documenting all the happenings in the Martin's little nest. In addition, as a way to share all the thoughts, things, and other pure randomness that makes my life incredibly happy {or sad, frustrating, and totally boring at times}. 

We have been blessed with a precious {and extremely large!} family and fantastic group of friends. Some we see regularly, and others we wish to see more. Hopefully, this little place will serve to preserve our memories and to keep our loved ones informed about our recent activities. {And for those of you that know me well, of course there will be posts about my random, ridiculous habits and far too frequent shopping excursions!}

Take a peek at the "meet katiedid" page to learn a few sweet nothings about me. I assure you, if you continue to follow this blog {and if I continue to construct entertaining posts!} you will learn more about me than you ever wanted to know!

My first blog promise is to never post without a picture. Pictures just make everything more fun! And to uphold my first promise, I leave you with a picture of the Martin's on our little "staycation" a few weeks ago at L' Auberge du Lac. {A post on that super fun place is up next!}

Now you must promise to leave a comment! Please, please, please. {Pretty please!}


the tichenor family said...

yay!! following along... so excited you're blogging!

Mrs. Wardlow said...

Welcome to blogging! It's so fun!

Adrienne said...

Love it!! I will be following you :)

Stacy said...

Kinda of excited, I want be a blog junky!

kelly said...

Congrats of your first post...blogging is so much fun! I'm following! xx

Ashley Kucera said...

Yay!! I have been SO extremely bad about blogging lately... I am getting back with it ASAP. Welcome to the blog world!
Look forward to following you and your precious family!


The Sturgeon Family said...

Love that you're blogging!!