Thursday, May 3, 2012

Emmedid celebrate her first Easter.

Emme's first Easter was super special, quiet, and spent close to home.
{We opted out of church due to the crowds, germs, and having an itty bitty occasionally fussy baby.}
Our little family went to a quick buffet brunch at our neighborhood country club.
I love her. Just a little bit.
There was the sweetest Easter Bunny making the rounds and Emme got to meet him for the first time.
Too cute for words!
Our little lady holding an Easter egg. 
One gorgeous Glamma. 
 Outdoor family picture session. 
Emme's Easter goodies. 
We were too rushed in the morning to open and enjoy everything, so we waited until after brunch. 
Mommy reading Emme her first book. 
Glamma gave her this Nobunny's Perfect book. 
It is darling!
We wrapped up our day with a family dinner at Glamma and Papa's house. 
We really did have a wonderful, laid back day.
I am sure next year we will be chasing around a little Easter egg hunter!
And I can't wait to teach little Emme all about the real reason behind our Easter celebration. 
It was an EGG-tremely special day for another reason too!
That post is next.

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