Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Katiedid Mother's Day 2012.

Mother's Day is my new favorite holiday. 
It's like a birthday because you get recognized all day and showered with sweet gifts.   
You also get to spend the day with all the other amazing women in your life. 
And to top it off, you are celebrating the lives of the most precious little people who made you a Mom.

I love my little lady more than I can put into words. 
Truthfully, I teared up all day just looking at her. 
Being her Mommy is a total treat! 
My Mother's Day weekend included all of my favorite activities! 
Saturday mid-day family jog. 
Saturday afternoon mani-pedi. 
Saturday night family sushi date. 
Our attempt at a family picture. 
 We tried out a new sushi place close to our neighborhood. 
It was fantastic!
And our little nugget was a perfect angel the entire time. 
My favorite man. 
 Glamma and Papa unexpectedly walked in just as we were about to leave! 
The one night we didn't talk about our dinner plans, we would pick the same restaurant. Ha!
They joined us in our booth and we helped the beginner sushi eaters order. 
Such a fun impromptu dinner date.
 Sunday morning I walked out of the shower and found this...
 My sweet sidekick and shopping partner got me a gift card to one of our favorite spots!
 And this necklace with Emme's initials is on its way!
My husbands drawing makes me smile. 
 We then headed to Mother's Day mass. 
It also was Emme's first trip to church.
Such a sweet day to share!
 Sweet baby never made a peep. 
{She rarely does!}
 After church we went to brunch at a Mexican restaurant and then headed over to Glamma and Papa's for the afternoon. 
It was a gorgeous afternoon so I took out the Canon Rebel for a little Mother's Day photography fun. 
{Here comes picture overload...}
 Sweet baby feet. 
 A little smile session. 
 Little Miss loves her hands. 
Glamma can't get enough of this girl. 

Mommy and baby Emme. 
Three girls. 
My favorite faces. 
That evening we went over to Aunt Tricia's for a family dinner.
I got our Mom's these photo gifts from Shutterfly.
The iPhone case was a total HIT.
Glamma is requesting a new and updated one every 3 months! 
I absolutely loved celebrating being a Mom and celebrating the best Mom I know!

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Francis said...

Sounded like a perfect weekend. ;)