Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Emmedid have firsts. {2}

Miss Emme turned TWO months old yesterday. 
I still cant believe my days have completely revolved around her for TWO whole months. 
I guess it's like the saying,"If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life."
I love being her Mommy so rarely getting out of my pajamas and leaving the house is a-ok with me. 

Here are some more of your firsts that took place during these TWO months, sweet Emme. 
First night Mommy and Daddy went "out" and left you with Glamma. 
You did wonderful and we were home by 10 pm! Ha. 
 First pool party at our house.
Auntie Alli came too!
You had fun with Auntie Holly and CJ. 
Mommy made everyone leave at 10! 
It wasn't her proudest moment, but life has changed now that we have you.
 First girls night while Daddy was out of town. 
 First wedding shower with Mommy. 
 You with Mrs. Jarka-to-be. 
First nap in your crib.
It wasn't ideal from the start... 
But, it happened.
{Sorry about the darkness. Afterall, napping was the goal.}
You haven't napped in your crib since! 
I am sure you would be completely fine... I just love holding you all day long! 
 First work event with Daddy. 
He loved showing you off!
 First dinner trip to Lopez. 
Mommy has been eating there since she was a very little girl too. 
 Already at the bar at 7 weeks old!
You were pretty amused by the whole experience. 
Uncle Michael was also in town and had his first Lopez dinner too. 
Every single thing we do is so much more fun now that we have you!

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