Saturday, May 12, 2012

Katiedid honor.

Mother's Day has an incredible new meaning to me this year.
I have learned there is no greater love than the love you have for your child. 
You would go to all the ends of the earth to see them happy.
And they truly are the sunshine of your day!

Since the day she was born, Emme Kate has been the little star of our lives. 
This angel baby truly does "twinkle" all day and all night. 
I could not be more honored to be her Mommy. 
{Thank you Lindsay for these priceless pictures!}

The gorgeous lady in the middle is the most amazing mother I know. 
She taught me how to love with your whole heart. 
I am so very honored to be her daughter. 
Enjoy your weekend honoring the special mothers in your lives!

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