Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Emmedid turn SIX weeks.

Six week photo shoot. 
 Emmedid grow.
-You are getting more and more of a personality every day, sweet Emme. 
-You are generally calm and cry free for most of the day. But, when you are hungry, you are HUNGRY and definitely let us know it. 
-You hate spitting up more than anything. It makes you very angry. 
-I am pretty positive you had a little growth spurt around 5 weeks because you were uncharacteristically fussy and hungry. A few days later you had outgrown all of your newborn onesies! Mommy was a little sad her itty bitty baby was no longer teeny tiny. 
-You are becoming quite a smiley little lady. 
-You are getting more alert, attentive, and really enjoying all the time you spend on your play mat. 
{Don't listen to my loser-ish Mommy commentary. Thanks. }

-You have rolled from your tummy to your back a few times. I'm pretty sure is wasn't intentional because it was when you were fussing after being on your tummy too long. 
-I take TONS of pictures of you each day. Here is the proof. 
-I think you are pretty much the coolest chick ever! Need I say more?!

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