Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Emmedid get it from her Momma.

While you did get 90 percent of your cute baby looks from your Daddy...

You did inherit a few small traits from your Momma. 
1. You love to vacuum like your Momma.
Here you are perfectly content in the Bjorn. 
Daddy got back from golfing and caught us in action. 
I even said in this post that you would be soothed by the sound of a vacuum cleaner because I am constantly vacuuming.  
Here is the proof that I was right. 

  2. You sleep like your Momma. 
With your mouth open for the world to see. 
It's way cuter on you!
Trust me. 

3. When you get mad... You really get MAD, just like your Momma. 
Daddy always says that I am calm, cool, collected, and keep everything in until one little thing sets me off. 
Well sister, you do the same. 

Momma is having so much fun learning all about you, sweet baby!


Big K Fam said...

that video is too funny!!!

Kaytee said...

i love vacuums too!!! she is so presh.